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Integrated positioning system for outdoor use
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Paediatric Positioning System

Base Adacta
Base Adacta

Outdoor Base Frame

The Solution...


to facilitate the movements


to improve the social interaction


plates matching the positioning system


Wide range of accessories available

Ermes Giò

Technical details

Integrated Positioning System ERMES with ADACTA GIò
Width, depth, also asymmetrical seating adjustment and abduction, adduction with male interface plate already assembleda
Inserts Kit for the individual pelvis positioning
Reclining and height adjustable backrest
Inserts Kit for the individual trunk positioning
Multi-adjustable and detachable hip guides
Multi-adjustable arms supports
Outdoor frame Adacta Gio with covered solid base with female interface plate:
       * Frame with coulored plates made in alloy of satin aluminium
       * Adjustable single handlebar with folding backrest tubes
       * Mechanical reclining 3°, 10°, 18°
       * Continuous tilt in space from 2° up to 35° (from 6° to 39°) **
         ** Tilt in space can be up-graded of 4° with an increment of the starting position of the frame by operating on the positioning holes of the casters forks
       * Anti tip system
       * Parking brakes


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