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Paediatric, Compact and Increased Tilt in space Frame for Positioning System…
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PAEDIATRIC Solution, result of an accurate study and careful production;

  • Highly modular: adaptable to the pathological evolution and the somatic growth of the child.
  • Continuous tilt in space by gas spring.
  • Mechanical reclining by predetermined plate.
  • Extremely safe, resistant and lightweight.
  • Made in alloy of satin aluminium and weld-free..
  • Versatile: usable both inside and outside.
  • Easy to handle
  • Colourful
Configurable and customizable according to the user needs, it acts on:

  • Continuous displacement of the upper frame, perfect to house the positioning system with respect to the under frame.
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Height from seat rails to floor adjustment.
Provided of a wide range of optional parts and accessories like:

  • Multi-adjustable hips-arms positioning kit.
  • Canopy, Foot muff, Rain Cover and Basket.

Plates available in the following colors ...



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